Research Interests

Research conducted by staff at the Department of Education Studies draws upon multi- and transdisciplinary orientations and focuses on four broad areas: (1) curriculum studies; (2) whole-person development and education; (3) education system, policy and management; and (4) social sciences. Staff members actively engage in joint research efforts that involve intra- and inter-institutional collaborations. The goal is to cultivate the development of transdisciplinary knowledge that in forms educational practices in the context of whole-person development at various academic levels.

The research interests of individual staff members are presented in themes grouped under each broad area.

Curriculum Studies

Themes Research interests Staff
English language learning and education Second language acquisition Dr. Joshua ChanDr. Tsang Yiu Kei
Language Acquisition Mr. Tony Lai
English language education Dr. Anita Poon
English language teaching pedagogy Dr. Joshua ChanDr. Anita Poon
Academic literacy (reading and writing for academic purposes) Dr. Joshua Chan
English language education Mr. Tony Lai
Second language learning Dr. Simpson W L Wong
Second language writing Dr. Ricky Lam
Lexis and formulaic language Dr. Joshua Chan
Singing and phonological learning Dr. Joshua Chan
A head start on grammar for young learners of English Dr. Choi Tat Heung
Language learning autobiographies Dr. Peter Huang
Language and identity Dr. Peter Huang
Language assessment Dr. Ricky Lam
E-learning in assessment for learning and assessment as learning in the area of English reading and writing Dr. Anita Poon
English activation through arts-based learning Dr. Choi Tat Heung
Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) & Language Across the Curriculum (LAC) Integrative-Narrative Method (INM) Dr. Anita Poon
Chinese language development and learning Language development – Chinese Dr. Tang Kit Yi
Language (Chinese) teaching in different aspects Dr. Tang Kit Yi
Language (Chinese) teaching pedagogy Dr. Tang Kit Yi
NCS in Chinese Language learning Dr. Tang Kit Yi
Chinese language processing Dr. Tsang Yiu Kei
Word recognition Dr. Tsang Yiu Kei
Lexical tone processing Dr. Tsang Yiu Kei
Mathematics education Learning and teaching of mathematics in tool-based environments (in particular ICT and  dynamic geometry) Dr. Allen Leung
Mathematics task design Dr. Allen Leung
Applications and development of the Theory of Variation in teaching and learning Dr. Allen Leung
Mathematics teaching and learning Mr. Simon Hung
Liberal Studies education Geographical and environmental education Dr. Leon LeeDr. Jacky Pow
Social studies education Dr. Leon Lee
Liberal Studies education Dr. Leon Lee
Dr. Cheung Wai Chun
Curriculum development Curriculum development in Hong Kong secondary and primary Schools Mr. Simon HungDr. Marina Wong
Curriculum issues Dr. Leon LeeDr. Marina Wong
Curriculum accommodation – diversity education / universal design learning Dr. Tang Kit Yi
Curriculum studies Dr. Marina Wong
Teaching and learning Classroom environment Prof. Atara Sivan
Social media in learning Dr. Lisa Deng
Informal learning Dr. Lisa Deng
Concept formation and classroom interaction Mr. Simon Hung
Lesson and learning studies Dr. Allen Leung
Critical thinking, epistemology, critical news literacy (i.e., smart-news reading) Dr. Kelly Ku
Time-perspective bias and disjunctive reasoning (i.e, in decision making) Dr. Kelly Ku
Children’s homework Prof. Vicky Tam
Neuroscience and learning Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) Prof. Sandy Li
Emotion, communication and cognitive processes with experimental approaches and neuroscience techniques Dr. Ann Lui
Assessment Peer review Dr. Ricky Lam
portfolio assessment Dr. Ricky Lam
Assessment for learning Dr. Ricky LamDr. Marina Wong
Special needs Adapted music curriculum for students with intellectual disabilities Dr. Marina Wong
Social communication and behaviors among children and adults with special educational needs Dr. Ann Lui
Inclusive Education- Dyslexia, ADHD/ADD Dr. Tang Kit Yi
Specific learning difficulties Dr. Simpson W L Wong
Learning community Online learning community Dr. Lisa DengDr. Jacky Pow
Learning communities Prof. Atara SivanProf. Vicky Tam
IT application in education Multitasking with digital technologies Dr. Lisa Deng
Ubiquitous Learning Prof. Sandy Li
Simulation and modelling in education
Undergraduates’ Internet Information Verification and Usage Pattern for Inquiry-based learning Dr. Jacky Pow
Pedagogical affordance of video-based massive open on-line courses (MOOCs) in facilitating self-directed learning Dr. Jacky Pow
Digital literacy Dr. Jacky Pow
Classroom management Classroom management Mr. Tony Lai
Teacher development and education Teacher professional development Dr. Tang Kit YiDr. Marina Wong
Teacher education Prof. Atara Sivan,
Dr. Marina WongDr. Jacky Pow
TESL Teacher education Dr. Peter Huang
Teachers-as-writers: Genres and creativity Dr. Choi Tat Heung
Teacher stress, burnout and engagement Dr. Sammy Ho
Learner and teacher autonomy Dr. Peter Huang
Whole Person Development and Education
ThemeResearch interestsStaff
Child and adolescent developmentChild and adolescent developmentProf. Vicky TamDr. Sammy Ho
 Leisure and youth developmentProf. Atara Sivan
 Mental and physical healthDr. Simpson W L Wong
 Parental involvement in educationProf. Vicky Tam
 Psychology of Moral DevelopmentProf. Ma Hing Keung
Lifespan developmentHuman DevelopmentMr. Tony Lai
 Twin studiesDr. Simpson W L Wong
Whole person development and educationNational and citizenship education 
 State, identity and education 
 Museum education 
 Whole person development and whole person education: moral education, emotion education, leisure education, internet education, and parent education.Prof. Ma Hing Keung
 Humor and psychological well-beingDr. Sammy Ho
 Leisure educationProf. Atara Sivan
Education System Policy and Management
ThemesResearch interestsStaff
School management and leadershipLeadership in ICT ImplementationProf. Sandy Li
Education policyEducation Policy 
 Language policy and planningDr. Anita Poon
 Medium of instruction policyDr. Anita Poon
 Education policiesDr. Anita Poon
Comparative educationRural & ethnic educationDr. Cheung Wai Chun
Social Sciences
ThemesResearch interestsStaff
Sociocultural issuesGender issuesProf. Vicky Tam
 Globalization and higher educationDr. CHEE, Wai Chi
Migration and educationDr. CHEE, Wai Chi
Education studiesHistory of educationDr. Cheung Wai Chun,
 Oral historyDr. Cheung Wai Chun
Research methodsQualitative research methodologyDr. Peter HuangProf. Vicky Tam
 Rasch Model and Multi-level Structural Equation ModellingProf. Sandy Li
PsychologyTeaching and learning of psychologyDr. Sammy Ho
 Multimedia learningDr. Simpson W L Wong