Dr. CHOI, Tat Heung

BEd (First Class Honours), University of London, UK; MA (Distinction), University of London, UK;
MPhil, University of Cambridge, UK; PhD, University of London, UK; Fellow of the Cambridge Overseas Society, UK 
Senior Lecturer, Department of Education Studies 

Academic & Professional Experience

2016 – PresentSenior Lecturer, Hong Kong Baptist University
2011 – 2016Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University
2009 – 2011Assistant Professor & Associate Programme Director of BA (Hons) in English Language & Literature and BEd (Hons) in English Language Teaching, Hong Kong Baptist University
2008 – 2009Assistant Professor & Programme Director of BA (Hons) in English Language & Literature and BEd (Hons) in English Language Teaching, Hong Kong Baptist University
2007 – 2008Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University
2006 – 2007Assistant Professor & Associate Programme Director of BA (Hons) in English Language & Literature and BEd (Hons) in English Language Teaching, Hong Kong Baptist University

Research Interests

  • Sociology of education – autobiography and symbolic control; school choice and educational trajectories; English-medium education and social differentiation; equality of access to higher education
  • English language teaching – integrated language arts; ELT resources
  • Teacher education – initial teacher preparation; teacher professional learning

 With my background in English language education and the sociology of education, my work sets out to argue that the investigation of crucial issues of English-language acquisition, mostly drawing on theories of language learning and teaching, can be usefully contextualised in the sociology of education for a more theoretical perspective.  I am particularly interested in issues around English and social differentiation – the unequal basis and consequences of differential access to English and the local struggles around English in its local contexts against the assumption of English as neutral, natural and beneficial (i.e. the discourse of English as an international language).  This captures the essence of my earlier doctoral work.  I am equally interested in how second-language learners communicate meanings in different modes of representation by locating them in a network of social relations in Hong Kong’s school system.  I am also concerned to promote the contribution of literature to education in Hong Kong, where, I feel, the overwhelmingly instrumental approach to the study of English is damaging.  This was, in part, fostered by my work for the MA degree which included modules concerned with literature in education, with special reference to cross-cultural perspectives and feminism.  My recent projects include autobiography and symbolic control, alumni mentorship in a community of practice, as well as service learning for initial teacher preparation.

Professional & Community Services

Professional service

  1. Guest Editor, TESOL Journal (2022 Special Issue)
  2. Regional Editor (Asia), Power and Education (2008 – Present)
  3. Invited Reviewer, London Review of Education (2015 – 2016)
  4. Invited Reviewer, Power and Education (2013 – Present)
  5. Invited Reviewer, Professional Development in Education (2013 – Present)
  6. Invited Reviewer, TESOL Journal (2020 – Present) 
  7. Invited Reviewer, Cambridge Journal of Education (2007 – 2008; 2011 – 2012)
  8. Invited Reviewer, Journal of the International Society for Teacher Education (2009 – 2010)
  9. Editor, pocket edition of Connexion: Poetic ensemble (Summer 2009)
  10. Oral Assessor, Language Proficiency Assessment for Teachers of English Language (LPATE), Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (2005 & 2008)

Community service

  1. Guest Teacher, English activation through fun sports, Osnovna šola Žirovnica, Slovenia (2019, January 3)
  2. Guest Teacher, Welcome Minions with fun food, Pensmith STEM International School, Bangkok, Thailand (2018, April 4)
  3. Guest Teacher, Fun with English grammar, Osnovna šola Žirovnica, Slovenia (2017, May 3)
  4. Invited Speaker, Texts unpacked: Getting a head start on grammar for young learners of English, Launch Seminar, Educational Publishing House Limited (2017, January 14)
  5. Guest Teacher, Rosie’s Walk, Osnovna šola Žirovnica, Slovenia (2016, May 4)
  6. Guest Teacher, On cultural exchange: From ‘The best of Hong Kong’ to ‘I feel Slovenia’, Osnovna šola Žirovnica, Slovenia (2015, December 9)
  7. Guest Teacher, Hits and misses with Chinese words: A foreign-language learner’s perspective, Osnovna šola Antona Tomaža Linharta Radovljica, Slovenia (2014, December 9)
  8. Guest Teacher, Chinese words in the making: A foreign-language learner’s perspective, Osnovna šola Antona Tomaža Linharta Radovljica, Slovenia (2013, December 19)
  9. Guest Teacher, A taste for Chinese words: A foreign-language learner’s perspective, Osnovna šola Antona Tomaža Linharta Radovljica, Slovenia (2011, December 19)
  10. Invited Speaker, Reading and reaping: Ways into texts, Professional Development Workshop, Ho Ming Primary School (Sik Sik Yuen) (2011, March 25)
  11. Invited Speaker, English activation through art: A second-language learner’s perspective, Nara University of Education, Japan (2010, December 7)
  12. Demonstrator, English activation through art: Klimt and Vienna, General Education Workshop, Hong Kong Baptist University (2009, April 21)
  13. Invited Speaker, Reading and reaping: Nurturing creativity through language arts, Professional Development Workshop, Centre for Child Development, Hong Kong Baptist University (2007, May 5)
  14. Invited Speaker, Reading and reaping: Laying a reading culture, Professional Development Workshop, YLPMS Alumni Association School (2006, November 17)
  15. Invited Speaker, Reading and reaping: Promoting extensive reading, Professional Development Seminar, SKH Li Fook Hing Secondary School (2006, March 16)
  16. Invited Speaker, The transition from secondary to higher education, Youth Forum (Quality Education Fund), Pui Ching Middle School (2004, October 18)
  17. Invited Speaker, Poetry experience, Poetry Writing Workshop, Association of Hong Kong Chinese Middle Schools (2004, April 24)
  18. Demonstrator, Imperfect gifts, English-language Writing Lessons, CCC Mong Man Wai College (2003, December 15) & Pui Ching Middle School (2004, December 14)

Academic Awards

2012 – 2016Summer Travelling Fellowship, University of Cambridge, UK
2010 – 2011Summer Travelling Fellowship, University of Cambridge, UK
2009 – 2010Summer Visiting Fellowship, University of Cambridge, UK
2000 – 2001Cambridge Overseas Trust Award, UK

I was awarded a first-class Bachelor’s honours degree in education and an MA (with distinction) in English language education from the University of London. Then sweet chance led my steps to researching in the sociology of education with the late Emeritus Professor Basil Bernstein − a scholar of enterprise, shrewd and swift − who stayed me in inspired indulgence in 10 Woburn Square. A growing interest in sociology further led me to study for an MPhil degree at the University of Cambridge, where I had the great pleasure of researching with Professor Robert M Blackburn, Fellow of Clare College. My years abroad marked a period of warmth, seriousness and endurance in empirical field research, which is what I count as a gain from good old England.

‘And let me live those years again when I could still mature and grow, when songs gushed up as from a spring that ceaselessly renewed itself within, when all the world was veiled in mist and every bud concealed a miracle, when I gathered up a thousand flowers that richly decked the slopes and fields – then I had nothing, yet I had enough: …’ (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

‘Much is there waits you we have missed; Much lore we leave you worth the knowing, Much, much has lain outside our ken: Nay, rush not: time serves: we are going, …’ (Thomas Hardy)

‘Away she hurried, not beautiful, not supremely brilliant, but filled with something that took the place of both qualities – something best described as a profound vivacity, a continual and sincere response to all that she encountered in her path through life.’  (Edward Morgan Forster)

Selected Publications

  1. Choi, T. H., & Wong, W. C. C. (2018). ‘Platform nine & three-quarters’ and more: Scaffolding ESL writing through teacher modelling and creative imitation. TESOL Journal9(4), 629-651. doi: 10.1002/tesj.423
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Conference Presentations

  1. Choi, T. H., & Ng, Z. S. T. (2020, January). To adopt or adapt: An ensemble of ELT pedagogies through professional socialisation. Workshop delivered at the 40th Thailand TESOL-PAC International Conference, Bangkok, Thailand.
  2. Chan, H., Li, C., & Choi, T. H. (2019, May). Sowing in the field: Mentoring through teacher alumni in a community of practice for English language education. Paper presented at the 6th International Language in Focus Conference, Dubrovnik, Croatia.
  3. Choi, T. H., & Chan, H. (2018, July). ‘Now you’re talking’: Teacher preparation through alumni talks in a community of practice. Paper presented at the Oxford Education Research Symposium, UK.
  4. Choi, T. H. (2018, June). Problem-based writing instruction for EFL learners in Slovenia. Paper presented at the 16th Asia TEFL International Conference, Macau SAR, China.
  5. Choi, T. H. (2017, June). A head start on grammar for young learners of English. Teaching demonstration at the Korean Association of Teachers of English (KATE) Conference, Seoul, South Korea.
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  11. Choi, T. H., & Tang, K. C. (2009, April). An exploration of parental choice of secondary schools in Hong Kong. Paper presented at the 8th Discourse Power Resistance Conference, Manchester, UK.

Recent Projects

  1. Teaching Development Grants for 2019/20, Co-investigator, A collaborative instructional approach to English across the curriculum (led by Dr. Cissy Li) (Amount: HK$248,665)
  2. Communities of Practice (CoPs) Funds for 2017/20, Principal Co-ordinator, A head start on teacher professional learning through alumni mentorship (Amount: HK$500,000) https://copheadstart.wixsite.com/hkbu-educ-cop2
  3. Hong Kong Baptist University Foundation for 2017/19, Principal Co-ordinator, Service learning for English language education (Amount: HK$200,000; Donation by Ms. Chow, S. Y.)