Prof. TAM, C W Vicky

BSocSc, MSW (HKU);MA, PhD (Minnesota-Twin Cities); RSWHK

Academic & Professional Experience

2022 – Visiting Professor, Department of Education Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University
2005 – 2022Professor, Department of Education Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University
2011 – 2022Associate Head, Department of Education Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University
1999 – 2010Master of Education Programme Coordinator, Department of Education Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University

Research Interests

  • Parenting and child development
  • Homework involvement
  • Adolescent development
  • Gender issues
  • Qualitative research methodology
  • Learning communities

Consultancy/Professional/Community Services

  • School Manager, Hong Kong Baptist University Kindergarten, from 2019
  • External Examiner, Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Primary) – General Studies (Five-year Full-time), Education University of Hong Kong, 2019 – 2023
  • External Examiner, United International College, Hong Kong Baptist University, 2013-2021
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Family & Economic Issues (Springer), 2014-2022
  • Editor, Cogent Education (Taylor & Francis), 2017-2022
  • Consultant, No-homework Self-Directed Learning Project, Hong Kong Christian Service, 2017-2022
  • External Programme Assessor, Master of Education Suite of Programmes, Open University of Hong Kong, 2020
  • Member, High-level Advisory Panel (Early Childhood Education) of Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence, Education Bureau, 2012 & 2018
  • External Programme Assessor, Social Science Programmes, School of Arts and Social Science, Open University of Hong Kong, 2014
  • Member, Programme Validation Panels, Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications, 2011 & 2012

Selected Journal/Book Publications

Tam, V. C., Chu, P., & Tsang, V. (2023). Engaging in self-directed leisure activities during a homework-free holiday: Impacts on primary school children in Hong Kong. Journal of Global Education and Research, 7(1), 64-80.

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Selected Research Reports/Manuals

Tam, V. C., Chu, P., Lam, T. Y., Chiu, K. W., Wong, K W., & Yim, P. K. (2019). A research report on “No Homework over Easter Holiday: A Self-directed Learning Project 2018. Hong Kong Christian Service & Hong Kong Baptist University. (In Chinese)

譚肖芸、蘇秀冠、葉詠怡、周凌峰、及楊少榮(2019)。「中學 – 大學 – 長者學習社群」計劃教師手冊。香港浸會大學。

Sivan, A., Tam, V. C., Chow, T., Yip, A., & Yeung, S. W. (2018). Promoting positive youth development through school-university-elderly learning community: Teacher’s manual. Department of Education Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University.

Tam, V. C., Chu, P., Lam, T. Y., & Chiu, K. W. (2017). A research report on “No Homework over Easter Holiday: A Self-directed Learning Project.  Hong Kong Christian Service. (In Chinese)