Dr. WONG, W Y Marina

Ph.D., University of British Columbia, Canada

M.Phil., Dip.Ed., B.A. (Hons), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

F.L.C.M (Singing), F.L.C.M. (Piano), London College of Music, U.K.

L.T.C.L. (Singing), L.T.C.L. (Piano), Trinity College of London, U.K.

Associate Professor, Director of Doctor of Education Program, and Course Coordinator of Subject Teaching (Music) of the Postgraduate Diploma of Education Program

Academic & Professional Experience

Associate Professor, Department of Education Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University
Assistant Professor, Department of Education Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University
Assistant Registrar, Hong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation
Lecturer (Graduate), Department of Music, Sir Robert Black Campus, Hong Kong Institute of Education
Music Teacher

Research Interests

  • Teacher Education
  • Curriculum Studies
  • Music Education
  • Special Education
  • Inclusive Education

Dr. Marina Wong is curriculum specialist emphasizing in teacher education and music education. She has successfully gained awards of external grants for research and development on music curriculum for mainstream schools and special schools. Her work on developing an adapted music curriculum for students with intellectual disabilities is a pioneer work in music education. Her publications cover topics on “inclusive music education,” “music curriculum development,” “teacher development,” “assessment for learning,” and “integrated arts curriculum.” In addition, she is experienced in teaching a wide range of teacher education courses covering areas in “music teacher education,” “curriculum studies,” “philosophy of education,” “inclusive education,” and “qualitative data analysis.”

External Grant Projects

General Research Fund projects:

Principal Investigator, An exploratory study of special schools music teachers’ perceptions and classroom practices of creativity in music education for students with intellectual disabilities, 2-year research (2017-2019). Completed.

Principal Investigator, An exploratory study of primary music teachers’ concerns about inclusive music teaching, a 3-year research project (2012-2015). Completed.

Quality Education Fund project:

Principal Investigator, School-based adapted music curriculum and professional programs for special schools for children with intellectual disabilities, 3-year project (11/2018-1/2022). Completed. This project is selected by the Quality Education Fund to be an example of best practice. 

Newspaper reports about the project:

(1) Ming Pao 明報, on 11 April, 2022 

(2) Hong Kong Economic Times 經濟日報, on 11 April, 2022 

(3) Singtao Daily 星島日報, on 11 April, 2022 

(4) Wen Wei Po 文匯報, on 11 April, 2022

Curriculum Development Projects:

Funded by the Education Bureau, Hong Kong SAR

  • Principal Investigator, Professional support service on developing learning and teaching strategies in the Adapted Music Curriculum (Primary 1 – Secondary 3) for Students with Intellectual Disabilities, funded by the Education Bureau (2017-2018).
  • Principal Investigator, “Adapted Music Curriculum Framework (Primary 1 – Secondary 3) for Students with Intellectual Disabilities”, funded by the Education Bureau (2016-2017). http://www.edb.gov.hk/attachment/en/curriculum-development/major-level-of-edu/special-educational-needs/basic-edu-curriculum/BE_Music_Learning%20Objectives_Music%20Curriculum%20(P1-S3)_draft.pdf
  • Principal Investigator, “The Adapted Music Curriculum Framework under the Senior Secondary Curriculum for Students with Intellectual Disabilities,” Education Bureau (2012). https://www.edb.gov.hk/attachment/tc/curriculum-development/major-level-of-edu/special-educational-needs/ssc/NSS_MU_CA_Guide_2012.pdf

Funded by the Education and Youth Development Bureau, Macao SAR

  • Principal Investigator, Music Curriculum Guide for Senior Secondary Schools in Macau, funded by the Education and Youth Affairs Bureau of Macau SAR (2017). http://www.dsej.gov.mo/crdc/guide/data/senior/Music_guide_c.pdf
  • Principal Investigator, Music Curriculum for Junior Secondary Schools in Macau, funded by the Government of Macau SAR(2015). http://www.dsej.gov.mo/crdc/guide/data/junior/Music_guide_c.pdf
  • Newspaper report by Jornal Tribuna de Macau on August 16, 2018


Professional/Community Services

  1. Member, Accreditation exercise for Learning Programme Re-Accreditation for Diploma in Early Childhood Studies (Inclusive Education) (2023).
  2. Member, Ad Hoc Committee for Updating Music Curriculum Guide, Education Bureau (since 2022).
  3. Member, Accreditation exercise for Learning Programme Accreditation for Bachelor degree in Early Childhood Studies (2021). 
  4. Member, Accreditation exercise for Learning Programme Re-Accreditation for Diploma in Early Childhood Studies (2021).
  5. Member, Assessment Working Group and Assessment Panel of Arts Education Key Learning Area, the Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence (2021/2022).
  6. Member, Consultation on Kindergarten Resource Centre Core Group, Education Bureau (2020).
  7. Member, Curriculum Development Council Committee on Special Educational Needs (2013 – 2019)
  8. Member, Curriculum Development Council — HK Examinations and Assessment Authority Committee on Music (2013 – 2019)
  9. Advisor, “Pilot Project on the Development of Learning Outcomes Frameworks in Music,” Education Bureau.
  10. Member, Accreditation exercise for Learning Programme Accreditation for Bachelor of Education (Honours) in Early Childhood Education (2019).
  11.  Member, Accreditation exercise for Higher Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Inclusive Education) HKCT Institute of Higher Education (2017).
  12. Member, Assessment Panel on Arts Education Key Learning Area, Hong Kong Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence (2016-2017).
  13. Chair, Assessment Panel on Arts Education Key Learning Area, Hong Kong Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence (2011-2012).
  14. Member, Assessment Panel on the Arts Education Key Learning Area of the Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence (2006-2007)
  15. Member, Ad Hoc Committee on the Production of Music Curriculum Guide (2000-2003)
  16. External Examiner, The Education University of Hong Kong.
  17. External Examiner, Open University of Hong Kong.
  18. Examiner, Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority.
  19. Examiner, Hong Kong Arts Development Council.
  20. Member, Bachelor of Music Program Revalidation Panel of Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
  21. Member, Music Textbook Review Panel (Secondary), Textbook Committee, Education Bureau.
  22. External School Reviewer, Quality Assurance Section, Education Bureau
  23. Subject Specialist, Hong Kong Council for Accreditation Academic and Vocational Qualifications
  24. External Assessor, Quality Education Fund
  25. Member, International Editorial Board of the International Journal of Music Education
  26. A reviewer of the following international peer-refereed academic journals:
    • Cambridge Journal of Education (Cambridge)
    • Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities (Wiley)
    • International Journal of Inclusive Education (Taylor & Francis)
    • Asia Pacific Journal of Education (Taylor & Francis)
    • Educational Action Research (Routledge)
    • Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Accountability (Springer)
    • European Journal of Teacher Education (Taylor & Francis)
    • Journal of Curriculum Studies (Taylor & Francis)
    • Journal of Teaching in International Business (Taylor & Francis)
    • Reflective Practice (Taylor & Francis)
    • Sage Open (Sage)
    • Social Behavior and Personality International Journal (Publishing Technology)
    • Teaching and Teacher Education (Elsevier)

Peer-reviewed Publications

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