Aspiring Principals Programmes

Needs Analysis (NA) | Three Stages in NA
Three Stages in NA
  • Pre-Needs Analysis (Pre-NA) (4-hours)
    1. To be briefed with the purposes and details of NA
    2. To build an initial leadership platform and complete questionnaires on DISCus regarding Professional Knowledge Audit, Learning Style and Professional Personality Profiling
    3. To collect relevant materials needed for the Analysis Day
  • Needs Analysis Day (NA Day) (full-day)

    This is a full day event with small groups of 4 participants per group. They will be led by an assessor in each group while two groups will be working together in one work room on three phases:

    1. Getting Started phase: introduction and group formation
    2. Observing and Interacting phase: interactive analysis activities
    3. Discussing and Planning phase: writing personal leadership learning plan
    4. Additional service: review DISCus analysis results
  • Support after NA Day – Ongoing Development
    1. Support for “Leadership Development Journal” Writing: provides a structure for ongoing leadership development and progress records
    2. Consultation support offers for each participant