Aspiring Principals Programmes


What’s New
Application for NA & PFP Course (2023/24 intake) is closed.

With effect from 2004/05, education professionals who are aspired to take up principalship in Hong Kong schools will have to attain the “Certification for Principalship” (CFP) requirements as set by the Education Bureau (EDB) before they are considered for appointment. The CFP comprises three components:

  1. Successful completion of Needs Analysis (NA);
  2. Successful completion of “Preparation For Principalship Course for Aspiring Principals” (PFP Course); and
  3. Fulfilling requirements for the professional development portfolio (submit to EDB in person after completing (1) & (2))

Authorised by the Education Bureau (EDB) of the Hong Kong SAR, the Department of Education Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) is now offering NA and PFP Course. While programmes are tailored for aspiring principals to satisfy the Certification for Principalship (CFP) requirements of components (1) and (2) listed above, they also aim to prepare them with professional competencies in building up the professional development portfolio.

Teachers should note that NA and PFP Course can be applied independently. It is not required to apply for both NA and PFP Course simultaneously at the same institution.