Date Event Links
21-06-2017 STP Award of Merit 2017
07-06-2017 EDUC Confers Certificate on 106 Leadership Development Programme for Middle Leaders of Primary Schools -
03-06-2017 EDUC Confers Certificate on 70 Leadership Development Programme for Middle Leaders of Secondary Schools -
03-06-2017 Learning Celebration of Leadership Enhancement for Serving Vice-Principals 2017 Photos
10-05-2017 Department of Education Studies formalises collaboration with Hiroshima University’s Graduate School of Education Photos
02-05-2017 Education, Journalism and GIS Scholars Win Public Policy Research Fund for Critical News Literacy Research -
10-04-2017 Gold Award of Hong Kong Prospective Teacher -
16-03-2017 EDUC PGM Course Graduation
08-03-2017 Using Technology to Support Social Communication -
03-2017 與校長對話 -
04-03-2017 Attachment meeting with Chief Executive Officer
27-02-2017 Leadership Enhancement Programme -
17-02-2017 MEd Career talk Photos
07-01-2017 e-Learning Project on Reading and Writing Photos
07-01-2017 HKBU PFP Course Commencement Photos
23-12-2016 Beijing Study Tour –Beijing Normal University Photos
17-12-2016 Fulbright scholar gives public lecture at EDUC -
17-12-2016 Educ PhD student awarded postgraduate scholarship -
06-12-2016 Dyslexia Symposium 2016 eNews
26-11-2016 SOSC 45th Anniversary Fun Day Photos
12-11-2016 Homecoming Reception Academic Award Presentation for 2016 Graduates Photos
11-11-2016 Kick off ceremony cum tea reception Photos
30-09-2016 MEd Welcoming Party Photos
27-08-2016 Orientation Day 2016 Photos
10-06-2016 The 2nd HKBU-SYSU Education Exchange Tour Booklet
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