On-going Projects

Project NameInvestigator/s
A Multimensional Approach to Examine the Neural Correlates of Autistic Traits in Children, Measured via EEG during Resting States and Social Cognition TasksDr. LUI, Ann M
A multi-modal Speaking App that introduces primary school pupils to the world of English poetry and intonationDr. CHAN, Joshua H
Dr. DENG, Lisa L P
Does Executive Function Training Modulate the Effectiveness of Self-determination Intervention and Postschool Outcomes for Adolescents with Intellectual Disability? An Experimental Intervention StudyDr. LUI, Ann M
Identifying the context and subject specific professional digital competencies beginning English language teachers need to ensure readiness for the teaching professionDr. MOORHOUSE, Benjamin L
Investigating e-portfolio assessment literacy among adolescent learners: Portfolio compilation, emotional experiences, and conceptions of assessment

Dr. LAM, Ricky C K

Prof. LI, Sandy S C

Investigating the eye-voice relationship for intonation training: A two-part eye-tracking studyDr. CHAN, Joshua H
Promoting Digital Wellness: Investigating the effects of a context-aware adaptive mobile-app intervention on students with problematic smartphone use through a randomized controlled designProf. LI, Sandy S C
Promoting self-regulation and personalized online learning through supporting teachers, students, and parentsDr. DENG, Lisa L P
Promoting Smart and Positive News Engagement among HK Junior-Secondary School Students: News Literacy Education in the Digital AgeDr. KU, Kelly Y L
Research on Impacts of TREATS’ Sports for ALL Programmes on Social Inclusion

Prof. SIVAN, Atara

Prof. TAM, Vicky C W

School-based Adapted Music Curriculum and Professional development Programms for Special Schools for Children with Intellectual DisabilitiesDr. WONG, Marina W Y
Special Educational Needs Empowerment Project for Pre-service TeachersDr. LUI, Ann M

Recently Completed Projects

Project Name Investigator/s
“No Homework over Easter Holiday”: An Evaluation Study on A Self-regulated Holiday Activity Project for Primary School Students in Hong Kong Prof. TAM, Vicky C W
A Head Start on Teacher Professional Learning through Alumni Mentorship Dr. CHOI, Tat Heung Dr. CHAN, Joshua H Dr. Cissy LI (LC)
A Longitudinal Study of Mainland Chinese and South Asian Teenage Dr. CHEE, Wai Chi
A Study of Low-Income Mainland-Hong Kong Cross-Border Families Dr. CHEE, Wai Chi
An Ethnographic Study of College English Teachers’ Identity Negotiation in china Dr. HUANG, Peter J
An exploratory study of language assessment training in Hong Kong: Trends, quality and development Dr. LAM, Ricky C K Prof. LI, Sandy S C
An Exploratory Study of Special Schools Music Teachers’ Perceptions and Classroom Practices of Creativity in Music Education for Students with Intellectual Disabilities Dr. WONG, Marina W Y
Can China Attract the Best International Students in Higher Education from around the World? Dr. CHEE, Wai Chi
Chinese Word Recognition: An Event-related Potential Megastudy Dr. TSANG, Yiu Kei
Enhancing Intercultural Competence of Pre-service Teachers Dr. CHEE, Wai Chi
Examining In-class Multiasking with Mobile Phones: Influencing Factors and Impact on Learning Dr. DENG, Lisa L P
Exploring the Role of Digital Technologies for University Students: Tool for Learning or Source of Distraction? Dr. DENG, Lisa L P Dr. KU, Kelly Y L
Holistic vs. Decompositional Storage of Chinese Words: An Electrophysiological Study Dr. TSANG, Yiu Kei
Identity, agency and autonomy in foreign and second language education: Case studies of in-service teachers in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Dr. HUANG, Peter J
Investigating Hong Kong Students’ Critical News Literacy in the Age of Social Media Dr. KU, Kelly Y L
Measuring Cognitive and Emotion Processes during Speech Processing with Electrophysiological Measures Dr. LUI, Ann M
Promoting Positive Youth Development through School-University-Elderly Learning Community Prof. SIVAN, Atara Prof. TAM, Vicky C W
University Students’ Critical News Literacy: Awareness, Perceived Cognitive Control, and Competence Dr. KU, Kelly Y L