Project List


On-going Projects


Project Name Investigator/s
A Multimensional Approach to Examine the Neural Correlates of Autistic Traits in Children, Measured via EEG during Resting States and Social Cognition Tasks Dr. Ann LUI
A Study of Undergraduates’ Internet Information Verification and Usage Pattern for Inquiry-based Learning Dr. Jacky POW and
Prof. Sandy LI
An Exploration of School Fieldtrip to Mainland in Hong Kong Secondary Schools: Students’ Self-Authoring Civic Identity Dr. Tracy LAU
An Explorative Study on Designing Tool-based Task in the Teaching of School Mathematics Dr. Allen LEUNG
An Exploratory Study of Special Schools Music Teachers’ Perceptions and Classroom Practices of Creativity in Music Education for Students with Intellectual Disabilities (GRF12603817) Dr. Marina WONG
Decoding mental processes with electrophysiological measures: in search of an effective concealed information detection protocol Dr. Ann LUI
Examining the Pedagogical Use of Online Social Annotation and Co-authoring Systems to Facilitate Knowledge Co-construction Prof. Sandy LI and
Dr. Jacky POW
Exploring the Role of Digital Technologies for University Students: Tool for Learning or Source of Distraction? Dr. Lisa DENG and
Dr. Kelly KU
Gains and Challenges of Studying Abroad: Exploring Insider Perspectives on A Short-term Overseas English Immersion programme Dr. Peter HUANG
Holistic vs. Decompositional Storage of Chinese Words: An Electrophysiological Study Dr. TSANG Yiu Kei
Investigating Hong Kong Students’ Critical News Literacy in the Age of Social Media Dr. Kelly KU
Life beyond study: A phenomenology of adolescents self-exploration in leisure context Professor Sivan Atara
Measuring Cognitive and Emotion Processes during Speech Processing with Electrophysiological Measures Dr. Ann LUI
Processing Homonymous Morphemes in Chinese: An Event-related Potentials Study Dr. TSANG Yiu Kei and
Dr. Ann LUI
Special Educational Needs Empowerment Project for Pre-service Teachers Dr. Ann LUI
University Students’ Critical News Literacy: Awareness, Perceived Cognitive Control, and Competence Dr. Kelly KU



Recently Completed Projects


Project Name Investigator/s
A Data-driven Corpus-aided Analysis of Formulaic Patterns in Textbooks for Learners of Different Educational Contexts Dr. Joshua CHAN and
Dr. Sammy HO
Autonomy in the Transition from Learner to Teacher: A Longitudinal Multiple-Case Study Dr. Peter HUANG
Chinese Nationalism, Shadow State and Education: National Education in pro-ROC schools, Hong Kong, 1931-1997 Dr. Tracy LAU
Enhancing the Quality of Student-Teachers’ Reflective Teaching Practice through Building a Virtual Learning Community with an Interactive Video Database Dr. Jacky POW and Mr. Tony LAI
Flipped Classroom for Mathematics Subject Instruction Mr. Simon HUNG
Identity Crisis in Hong Kong University Students: A Study of the Psychological Problems in the search for National Identity Prof. MA Hing Keung
Implementing Portfolio Assessment as Classroom Innovation in EFL Writing Dr. Ricky LAM


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