Project List

Ongoing and New Projects:
Project Name   Investigator/s
  • A Data-driven Corpus-aided Analysis of Formulaic Patterns in Textbooks for Learners of Different Educational Contexts
Dr. Joshua CHAN and
Dr. Sammy HO
  • A Study of Undergraduates’ Internet Information Verification and Usage Pattern for Inquiry-based Learning
Dr. Jacky POW and
Prof. Sandy LI
  • An Exploration of School Fieldtrip to Mainland in Hong Kong Secondary Schools: Students’ Self-Authoring Civic Identity
Dr. Tracy LAU
  • An Explorative Study on Designing Tool-based Task in the Teaching of School Mathematics
Dr. Allen LEUNG
  • Autonomy in the Transition from Learner to Teacher: A Longitudinal Multiple-Case Study
Dr. Peter HUANG
Professor Sivan Atara and
Prof. Vicky Tam
  • Chinese Nationalism, Shadow State and Education: National Education in pro-ROC schools, Hong Kong, 1931-1997
Dr. Tracy LAU
  • Decoding mental processes with electrophysiological measures: in search of an effective concealed information detection protocol
Dr. Ann LUI
  • Enhancing the Quality of Student-Teachers’ Reflective Teaching Practice through Building a Virtual Learning Community with an Interactive Video Database
Dr. Jacky POW and
Mr. Tony LAI
  • Examining the Pedagogical Use of Online Social Annotation and Co-authoring Systems to Facilitate Knowledge Co-construction
Prof. Sandy LI and
Dr. Jacky POW
  • Flipped Classroom for Mathematics Subject Instruction
Mr. Simon HUNG
  • Identity Crisis in Hong Kong University Students: A Study of the Psychological Problems in the search for National Identity
Prof. MA Hing Keung
  • Implementing Portfolio Assessment as Classroom Innovation in EFL Writing
Dr. Ricky LAM
  • Life beyond study: A phenomenology of adolescents self-exploration in leisure context
Prof. Atara SIVAN and
Prof. Vicky Tam
  • Processing Homonymous Morphemes in Chinese: An Event-related Potentials Study
Dr. TSANG Yiu Kei and
Dr. Ann LUI
  • Promoting Positive Youth Development through School-University-Elderly Learning Community
Prof. Sivan Atara and
Prof. Vicky Tam
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