Dr. MOORHOUSE, Benjamin Luke, Ed.D, FHEA

Assistant Professor in English Language Education, Department of Education Studies

Programme Director - Bachelor of Education

Coordinator - Overseas Immersion Programme

Coordinator - Honours Project Committee  

BSc (Hons) (Plymouth), PGDE (HKU), MEd (HKU), EdD in TESOL (Exeter)

Fellow, Higher Education Academy (HE Advance)

Microsoft Certified Educator 

SCOPUS profile: https://www.scopus.com/authid/detail.uri?authorId=57195513283

HKBU Scholar page: https://scholars.hkbu.edu.hk/en/persons/benjamin-luke-moorhouse-11 

Researchgate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Benjamin_Moorhouse


Dr. Benjamin Luke Moorhouse FHEA is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Education Studies, Faculty of Social Science, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong, China. He has extensive experience as a teacher educator and primary school English-language teacher in Hong Kong. He is a recipient of the President’s Award for Outstanding Performance in Individual Teaching 2023 from Hong Kong Baptist University, the Early Career Teaching Award 2019 from the University of Hong Kong and a Fellow of Advance HE

His research focuses on the experiences, beliefs, and professional learning of pre-service and in-service teachers, with a specific focus on English-language teachers.

Benjamin’s research has appeared in international journals including the Journal of Education for Teaching, Asia-Pacific Education Researcher, Journal of Computers in Education; System, TESOL Quarterly, RELC Journal, and ELT Journal. He is the author of three monographs: Writing with Young English Language Learners(SEAMEO Regional Language Centre, 2020),Teaching Abroad during Initial Teacher Education (Springer, 2022) and Using Digital Portfolios to Develop Students' Writing (Routledge, 2023 with Dr. Ricky Lam).

Benjamin was in the top 2% of cited scholars in the world in 2021 (source: https://elsevier.digitalcommonsdata.com/datasets/btchxktzyw/4) 

Awards and Recognition



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Academic & Professional Activities

Research, Knowledge Exchange and Teaching Projects

External Grants

01/2022-12/2024 Principal investigator, University Grants Council, Early Career Scheme (ECS), $498,736. Identifying the context and subject-specific professional digital competencies beginning English language teachers need to ensure readiness for the teaching profession

Internal Grants

09/2018-08/2019 Co-investigator, 'Student-teachers providing free English Language instruction to school students from lower socio-economic backgrounds in Community English Language Professional Workshops: An Experiential Professional Development and Community-based Project. Teaching Development Grant, The University of Hong Kong 2018-2019, (PI: Suzi Nicholson, CIs: Margaret Lo, Cheri Chan, Nicole Tavares)

09/2017-08/2018 Co-investigator, 'Student-teachers assessing ESL reading through Running Records: An experiential, community-based project' Teaching Development Grant 2017-2018, The University of Hong Kong (PI: Suzi Nicholson, CI: Margaret Lo

09/2016-08/2017 Team Leader, University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Education,  'Bringing Stories to Life Through Art.' (Team Members: Suzi Nicholson, Jenny Chan, Tiffany Liu, Cedia Wong & Bridget Ma)