Minor in Psychology


1 Core Course + 4 Elective Courses


I. Core Course (3 units, compulsory):

PSYC 1005 Principles of Psychology


II. Elective Courses# (3 units per course):

PSYC 2005 Introduction to Health Psychology

PSYC 2006 Developmental Psychology*

PSYC 2007 Psychology of Personality*

PSYC 2016 Social Psychology*

PSYC 3005 Abnormal Psychology

PSYC 3006 Positive Psychology

PSYC 3007 Cognitive Psychology

PSYC 3015 Psychology of Work

PSYC 4005 Counselling Theories and Practice

PSYC 4006 Psychology of Gender

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# Elective courses are offered in rotations; not all courses will be available in one academic year. The Department strives to ensure that sufficient electives will be offered. Please contact us in case of further enquiry.

* One of the four elective courses must be taken from these three courses: PSYC 2006, PSYC 2007 & PSYC 2016.



Teaching Staff   Project Description
Dr. Sammy K. Ho

Sammy K. Ho is a Chartered Psychologist at the British Psychological Society and Registered Teacher in Hong Kong with 20+ years’ solid experience in different post-secondary and tertiary institutes. Throughout the career in education, he has participated in teaching, course administration, curriculum development, supervision of pre/in-service teachers, and research.
His main research interests include humor and psychological wellbeing, teacher stress, burnout and engagement. He is currently conducting research to explore the psychological attributes of engaged teachers.

Dr. Kelly Y. L. Ku My research interests revolve around what constitutes good thinking. Previous projects include critical thinking, beliefs about knowledge, and metacognition. Current projects include truth-seeking and reasoning; art appreciation and critical thinking; as well as critical news media literacy.
Students interested in serving as voluntary research helpers in projects related to thinking are welcomed to write to me.
Prof. H. K. Ma Professor Hing Keung Ma’s research interests include: moral sensitivity and moral behavior of young children, prosocial and antisocial behavior of adolescents, identity development in adolescents, experimental study on kinship and human relationships, whole-person development, and Chinese perspectives on altruism and moral development.
Prof. Vicky Tam Prof. Tam’s research work relates to the fields of developmental psychology and education. The range of research topics spans from homework involvement, leisure participation, identity development, stress and coping, to roles and contributions of parents. Her current projects are on time-use of school children and adolescents.
Dr. Tsang Yiu Kei

We take language use for granted. But a closer look to the language signal shows that it is full of ambiguity and imprecision. For example, when hearing the Cantonese syllable /si1/, how can we be sure it is “獅” (lion) or “師” (teacher)? Similarly, how can we know whether the character “教” takes the education-related meaning, as in “教室” or the religion-related meaning, as in “教堂”?My research interest is to apply different behavioral and neural-physiological methods to investigate how language use is so efficient despite the ambiguity inherent to the language signals. Answer to this question would help us better understand the mechanisms behind language comprehension and production.




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