The Department of Education Studies of Hong Kong Baptist University was established in 1989. The Department currently offers double degree programmes, Diploma in Education, Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE), Master of Education (MEd), Doctor of Education (EdD) and MPhil and PhD degrees in education.

While the part-time and full-time PGDE Programmes aim at providing professional teacher training for in-service and pre-service student-teachers respectively, the Diploma in Education programme offers an opportunity for senior undergraduates to receive teacher training whilst they are studying for their first degrees. The Double Degree programmes equip students with extensive knowledge and skills in two disciplines, as well as a recognised teaching qualification. These programmes aim to fulfill the multiple roles expected of a professional teacher in the 21st century. The MEd Programme caters to the needs for professional development among school-teachers and professionals working with children and adolescents. The EdD programme aims to enable professionals in the field of education and related disciplines to contribute to their professional endeavor from an informed and robust research perspective.

The Department also conducts professional programmes that are tailored for aspiring school principals to satisfy the Certification for Principlaship (CEP) requirement as well as courses on school leadership for those undertaking school management roles.

All the programmes offered by the Department include active and experiential learning. The distinctive feature of the four teacher education programmes is the humanistic tradition, upon which the Department’s philosophy of education is based. This tradition views that a professionally trained teacher should be able to assume the following four roles of the teacher: Social and Autonomous Individual, Facilitator of Learning, Educational Innovator and Professional Educator. To achieve this end, the programmes stress creativity, self-reflection and life-long learning. These elements are incorporated into all other programmes of the Department through various pedagogies and learning experiences.

Members of the Department are active researchers who integrate their research with teaching and service to the community. and their research areas include:

Details of the research focus of individual member are listed in Staff Profile.