School Leadership and Management

The Concentration is intended for serving principals, aspiring principals, school teachers and education practitioners who want to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for school leadership and management. In addition to the general aim common to the existing MEd Programme, this concentration aims to enrich programme participants’ knowledge and skills in the six core leadership areas of school principals, namely, strategic direction and policy environment; learning, teaching and curriculum; teacher professional growth and development; staff and resources management; quality assurance and accountability; and external communications and connection to the outside world. Although this concentration has an emphasis on nurturing leaders of secondary schools, a very large portion of the content is also suitable for that of primary schools, early childhood education and post-secondary institutions.

The objectives of the Concentration are to enable students to:

  1. critically and contextually analyse and reflect on issues related to the six core leadership areas for school administrators;
  2. demonstrate integrated learning that enhances professionalism and leadership in education; and
  3. conduct action research to effect change within schools.

School Leadership and Management Concentration Required Courses

Strategic Planning, Quality Assurance & Networking of Schools

3 Units

Curriculum Development & Resource Management in Schools

3 Units

Managing Change in Schools

3 Units

Leadership & Team Building in Schools

3 Units

Descriptions for each course are listed in the University’s Calendar/Bulletin.