Inclusive Education

This concentration is intended for primary and secondary school teachers and related professionals. It caters for the professional needs of teachers and related personnel who are facing the challenges in inclusive classrooms. This programme aims at equipping teachers with the cutting-edge knowledge and skills for addressing the learning needs of students in inclusive classrooms.

The objectives of this Concentration are to:

(a)   examine programme models for developing the gifted and talented

(b)   enhance teachers’ competency in implementing integrated education

(c)    examine the policy, practices, culture and issues of inclusive education

(d)   understand the specific needs of learners and identify related strategies to support them

(e)   develop, implement and review adapted assessment and curriculum approaches to catering for students with diverse learning needs in inclusive classrooms

Inclusive Education Concentration Required Courses

Education for the Gifted & Talented

3 Units

Managing Learning Diversity in Inclusive Education Settings

3 Units

International Perspectives in Inclusive Education

3 Units

Assessment and Curricular Adaptation for Inclusive Education Settings

3 Units

Descriptions for each course are listed in the University’s Calendar/Bulletin.