Applied Psychology in Schools Concentration (NEW in AY2021-22)

This concentration serves to enable school personnel to apply psychological principles to their professional work in educational settings. Graduates of the programme are expected to be equipped with the academic knowledge and practical skills that can strengthen their capacities in performing duties related to students’ psychological needs, such as providing student counselling and consultation, preventing psychological crises, promoting healthy development, as well as handling their own psychological needs.

NOTE: This Concentration is NOT designed for training professional educational psychologists.

The objectives of the concentration are to enable students to:

  1. develop an in-depth understanding of psychological principles in education settings
  2. encourage critical reflection of psychological needs of students and teachers
  3. apply psychological principles to promote students’ learning and development
  4. foster competence in research related to applied psychology in education

Special Features of the Applied Psychology in Schools Concentration

  • No prior knowledge about psychology is needed to complete this Concentration
  • The Concentration equips frontline educators with advanced psychological knowledge and practical skills.
  • The content of the Concentration is helpful for school staff who need to provide student supports or handle students’ emotional needs (e.g., Special Educational Needs Coordinators, mentors, discipline masters) and teachers who are responsible for promoting student positive development.


Applied Psychology in Schools Concentration required courses

Educational Psychology

3 units

Mental Health Issues and Concerns in School Settings

3 units

Psychological Interventions to Promote Student Development in School Settings

3 units

School Guidance & Counselling

3 units