The Department of Education Studies organized the public seminar “Cross-Borders, Confronting Boundaries” on 15 September 2018. Sponsored by the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), the event invited four experts on Chinese migration to present their recent research. The seminar also featured sharing of students who participated in a research project on “Low-income Mainland-Hong Kong Cross-Border Families.”

The four speakers were Dr. Chee Wai-chi (Assistant Professor, Department of Education Studies), Dr. Shirley Hung Suet-lin (Associate Head and Associate Professor, Department of Social Work), Dr. Peng Yinni (Associate Professor, Department of Sociology), and Dr. Anita Chan Kit Wa (Associate Professor, Department of Social Sciences, Education University of Hong Kong). Various issues relating to Chinese migration were discussed, including contested parenthood of cross-border Mainland Chinese women, belongingness and identification of cross-border children amidst their mobility experience, the characteristics of social capital among migrant women, and the transformation of migrant mothering over generations in southern China.

The seminar was concluded with a discussion by Professor Vicky Tam, Associate Head of the Department of Education Studies.


教育學系於9月15日舉辦題為「Cross Borders, Confronting Boundaries」公開研討會。活動由平等機會委員會贊助,邀請了四名中國移民學者發表他們最近的研究成果,並讓參與「低收入中港跨境家庭」研究項目的學生分享經驗。



 15 Sept Public Seminar Photo

Caption of the photo:

From left to right:

Dr. Ferrick Chu Chung-man (Director of Policy, Research and Training, EOC), Dr. Shirley Hung Suet-lin, Dr. Anita Chan Kit Wa, Dr. Peng Yinni, Professor Vicky Tam, Dr. Chee Wai-chi, Dr. Joanne Ip (Research Coordination Manager, EOC)