With the aim to provide career development education and service learning experiences to senior secondary students, the Department of Education Studies teams up with Caritas Hong Kong Family Service and their school social work service to initiate the “Weave a Dream Project”. Other than providing career talks and interactive workshops by experts and professional trainers from different fields, participating students will get the opportunity to engage in real work settings to build up their career development skills through authentic experiences.

The “Weave a Dream Project Sharing Ceremony” was held on Saturday, May 12, 2018 at the Hong Kong Baptist University Tsang Chan Sik Yue Auditorium (AAB201). More than 200 secondary school students from local secondary schools and their school principals as well as the Director and project leaders from Caritas Hong Kong Family Services attended the event. In the opening speech Prof. Atara Sivan, Head of the Department of Education Studies, said that as an inclusive learning community the Department cherishes community engagement and the cultivation of positive youth development and growth. She further emphasized that the objectives of “Weave a Dream Project” are beautifully in line with the Department’s mission and strategies and the Department is proud to provide the context, support and expertise for its implementation.

In the ceremony, guest speakers Mr. Charles Ho, Global Training Manager, MTR Corporation Limited, and Mrs. Christine Lau, Founder and Chairperson of Character Education Foundation shared themes of “Hope” to encourage students in pursuing their own dream.

Prof. Vicky Tam, Associate Head of the Department of Education Studies, Ms. Eliza Lam, Head of Caritas Hong Kong Family Service, and Mrs. Elaine Shum, Consultant of “Weave a Dream Project” also attended the event.

During this project, the Department of Education Studies will engage the senior secondary school students in a range of career-based learning experiences on campus.






香港鐵路有限公司環球業務培訓經理何朗秋先生及Character Education Foundation創辦人暨主席劉馬露明女士與參加者分享以「希望」為題的短講,鼓勵同學積極追尋夢想。





The event was attended by Prof. Atara Sivan, Prof. Vicky Tam, Mr. Charles Ho, Mrs. Christine Lau, other guests and local secondary school students.