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The Department of Education Studies held Learning Celebration on 3 June 2017 of completion 16 vice-principals from primary and secondary school who took part in the programme of Leadership Enhancement for Serving Vice-principals 2017.  The vice-principals expressed that they have gained valuable experience and knowledge in leadership enhancement through the attachment to organizations. They can have a better understanding of their own leadership potential that leads to the enhancement of leadership knowledge and skills adaptable to the school settings.


Prof. Atara Sivan, head of Department of Education Studies, gave welcoming remarks in the celebration.  Mrs. Wong Liu Siu Yung Anissa, Principal Education Officer (Professional Development & Training), EDB was invited as the guest of honour who encouragedthe participants to contribute what had been learnt. Moreover, five CEO and representatives from the attachment organizations were present to confer certificates to the participants. They were Mr. Mawin Cheung from Easy Organic Farming Ltd., Mr. Alex Wu from The Cityview, Ms. Veronica Woo from Wings Trading (HK) Co., Ltd., Mr. Julian Wong from Legan Group and Ms. Christina Lee from Wofoo Social Enterprises Ltd. In addition, they all received the souvenirs that acknowledged the contribution to this programme.