170107 PFP01
The Department of Education Studies welcomed 109 participants of the Preparation for Principalship (PFP) Programme at the course commencement held on 7 January 2017.  At the ceremony, 76 participants were conferred certificate of the Needs Analysis held on 3 December 2016.  Prof. Atara SIVAN (Head of the Department of Education Studies), Mr. CHEUNG Yung Pong Langton MH (Chairman of the Quality Assurance Committee of the Programme) and Mr. LAI Pui Wing MH (Chief Executive Officer of The Hong Kong Awards for Young People) were present to deliver welcoming and encouraging remarks respectively to the participants.

In their remarks, Prof. SIVAN highlighted this eleventh cohort of PFP Course as “Double No. 1” to uplift their morale; Mr. Cheung stated that school principals were the key roles in school education and Hong Kong Baptist University PFP programme had nurtured a lot of aspiring principals successfully over the past ten years. The programme would provide continuous contribution to the betterment of school education in Hong Kong.