Dr. HUI, Wai Tin

 Doctoral photo

B Sc., Cert. Ed., M.A. (Ed.), EdD

2007 – Present Principal Lecturer (2013 – Present); Senior Lecturer (2007 – 2013),
Department of Education Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University
1994 – 2006 Experienced Secondary School Principal
2010 – Present Member of Hong Kong Youth Hostels Association Executive Committee
2010 – Present Member of Hong Kong Youth Hostels Association Marketing Sub-committee
(Vice Chairman 2014-Present)
2004 – Present Member of The National Hua Luo-geng Cup Mathematics Competition Hong Kong Committee
(Vice Chairman 2016-Present)
2015 – 2016 Member of Focus Group in COTAP Teacher Competencies Framework (TCF) Review
Advisor of COTAP Teacher Competencies Framework (TCF) Review
2004 – 2013 Executive Member of Schools Operating Authority, The Hong Kong Award for Young People
2006 Co-chair, Programme & Publication Sub-committee and Exhibition & External Relations Sub-committee,
Asia-Pacific Educational Research Association International Conference
2005 Chairman of “Towards a Better School Movement”
2003 – 2004 Member of Steering Committee on the Implementation of 3+3
1998 – 2002 Member of Promotion and Monitoring Sub-committee of the Quality Education Fund
1999 – 2000 Member of Sub-Group on Aims of Informal and Non-formal Education, Education Commission
1996 – 1998 Member of Council on Professional Conduct in Education
1998 Executive Committee
1995 – 1997 Member of Mathematics Subject Committee (Secondary), Curriculum Development Council

Teaching Experience

1       Topics in School Leadership and Management Program (Preparation for Principalship Course)

1.1    Management and Leadership in Education

1.2    Policy Environment Influencing Hong Kong Schools

1.3    Strategic Management and Effective School

1.4    Principalship

1.5    Communication

1.6    Financial Management in Schools

1.7    Managing People in Schools – Theories and Approaches

2       Topics in School Leadership Course

2.1    Leadership

2.2    Strategic Management

2.3    Communication and Networking

2.4    Time and Stress Management

2.5    DISC Analysis and Job Competency

3       Classroom Management and Communication (i.e. Profession Teacher Development I)

4       School Management and Decision Making

5       Subject Teaching (Maths)

6       Introduction to Teaching and Learning of Mathematics

7       Seminar in Subject Teaching (Maths)

8       Seminar in Education (M. Ed. Course)

9       “Identification and Analysis of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Needs” in the EDB funded program “Provision of Services for Coordinating and Developing Teachers’ CPD”

Research Interests

  • Educational Leadership
  • School Administration
  • Education Policy
  • Mathematics Education

Academics and Professional Activities

  • Executive Committee Member of Education Convergence
  • Member of Hong Kong Youth Hostels Association Executive Committee

Scholarly Activities

  • Nov. 2014       Paper Presentation in International Conference on “20 Years’ Education Reform – Review and Preview” held by National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan “香港新高中教育改革的分析:從政治場景到文本制定” in Chinese. (English title: Analysis of Hong Kong New Senior Secondary Education Reform: From Political Era to Text Production)
  • Dec. 2013        Paper Presentation in Cross-strait Academic Seminar on Principalship 2013, organized by Taipei University of Education, Taiwan
    “香港中學校長的課程領導 –學制鉅變中的改革歷程” in Chinese. (English title: Reform Process under Gigantic Change in Education System – Curriculum Leadership of a Hong Kong Secondary School Principal)
  • Oct. 2012        Paper Presentation in“2012 NAER Global Education Forum – Educational Management & School Effectiveness” organized by National Academy for Education Research in Taiwan. “由轉型領導到學校文化的經營 — 分析一個香港中學「空降」校長的成功” in Chinese. (English title: From Transformational Leadership to Cultural Management – An analysis of the success of a newly arrived secondary principal in Hong Kong)

Selected Publications

  1. Nov. 2014       伊利沙伯·香港–我校我城(其中一篇)       匯智出版有限公司
  2. Jan. 2014         「教育眼」回顧與展望文集(其中六篇)        進一步多媒體有限公司
  3. Oct. 2013        全球教育論壇:教育制度及政策論文集         台灣新北市:國家教育研究院
    (207-225) 由轉型領導到學校文化的經營分析一位香港中學「空降」校長的成功
  4. Dec. 2001        「世紀交接間的香港教育」                             當代文化出版社
  5. April 1998      「香港特區教育評論與展望」(其中四篇)      當代文化出版社
  6. Oct. 1997        「香港數學課程改革之路」(其中兩篇)          香港數學教育學會
  7. June 1997     「教育 — 一個偉大的希望」                   廣角鏡出版社


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