Dr. LAU, C S Tracy



PhD (Policy, Administration and Social Sciences Education), The University of Hong Kong

PgD (Museum Studies), The University of Sydney

BA (History) and M. Phil (History), The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Assistant Professor, Department of Education Studies

Academic & Professional Experiences/ Awards

  • Assistant Professor, The Department of Education Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Visiting Lecturer, Hong Kong Baptist University, HKU SPACE, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hong Kong Community College
  • Teacher, Panel Head, Secondary School
  • Assistant Curator II, Museum


Short-term Visiting Scholar, Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica Visiting Fellowship, Faculty of Asian Studies, Australian National University Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowships  

Research Interests

History of Education; State, Identity and Education Policy and Practice; Museography and Museum Education

Courses Taught

  • Subject Instruction I (LS);
  • Subject Instruction II (LS);
  • China and Chinese Culture and Global Society;
  • Issues in Hong Kong Society and Culture;
  • Teaching and Learning of society and culture;
  • Teacher Self Development;
  • Globalization Studies;
  • Seminar on Subject Teaching (LS) I;
  • Seminar on Subject Teaching (LS) II;
  • Teaching of a Second Subject (LS);
  • Professional Teacher Development (II)

Selected Academic/ Consultancy/ Professional/ University Service

  • Coordinator, Student Support Committee, EDUC, HKBU (2016-)
  • Member, HKBU Library Committee (2014-2016)
  • Member, CESE Women’s Network (2014, 2016), Comparative Education Society in Europe;
  • Treasurer, Executive Committee, CESHK (2012-4) — one of the (42) member societies of the World Council of the Comparative Education Societies
  • Honorary Member, Public Policy Research Center, Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, CUHK (2012-2017)
  • External EdD Examiner, University of Bristol (2014-5)
  • Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Critical Education Policy Studies (UK) (2011-)
  • External Member, Academic Committee for the BA (Communication Studies/ Asian Studies) program, HKU SPACE and the University of Western Australia (2009-  )
  • Project Adviser (GALLERY/COLLECTION MANAGEMENT), Tin Ka Ping Foundation (2012-2017)
  • Member, Education Advisory Board, Asia Art Archive (2011-2014)
  • Member, Editorial Board, Comparative Education Bulletin (CEB) / International Journal of Comparative Education and Development (IJCEB) (2012-2014)
  • Member, CESHK Conference Organising Committee (2012-3) (CUHK)
  • Member, CESHK Conference Organising Committee (2013-4) (HKUSPACE and HKBU)
  • Conference proposal reviewer for CIES (2016) and CESHK (2013, 2014)

Selected Funded Research/ Consultancy Projects (since 2009-)

  External Grants

  1. Principal Investigator, “An Exploration of School Field-trip to Mainland in Hong Kong Secondary Schools: Students’ Self-Authoring Civic Identity” (2015-7) Public Policy Research (PPR) Funding Scheme (CIs: CHIU, S. LI and C. W. HUNG) (HK$ 630, 766)
  2. Principal Investigator, “Chinese Nationalism, Shadow State and Education: National Education in pro-ROC schools, Hong Kong, 1931-1997″ The Lord Wilson Heritage Trust (2015-8)(CI: S. Chiu) (HK$ 294,800)
  3. Co-Investigator, “Civil Society and Citizenship Education in Hong Kong SAR: The roles of NGOs and the state in post-1997″ General Research Fund (2014-7) (PI: T. Tse) (HK$ 393,494)
  4. Research Team Member, “Comparing Chinese identity amongst young people in different ‘Chinese’ communities.”   The University of Tokyoとうきょうだいがく (2013-6) (PI: T. AKO)
  5. Co-Investigator, “A Study on Mainland (University) Students’ Adjustment in Hong Kong,” Central Policy Unit, HKSAR (2012-2013) (PI: S. Chiu) (HK$ 361,450)
  6. Associate Program Director, After-School Learning Support Partnership Pilot Scheme, EDB (2012-2015) (PD: S. Hung) (HK$ 120,000 for 2012)

Internal Grants

  • Principal Investigator, “Enhancing the effectiveness of the cross-border study for student teachers’ professional development” (TDG/1718/05) (CIs: TANG, K. Y and CHAN, H)
  • Principal Investigator, “Chinese Nationalism, Shadow State and Education: National Education in pro-ROC schools, Hong Kong, Phase I” (2015) (FRG I) (CI: S Chiu)
  • Principal Investigator, “An analysis of Liberal Studies Education in Hong Kong from a sociological perspective” (2010-2012) (FRG I)
  • Principal Investigator, “Archival Research on History, Politics and Labour Education in Globalized Society: The Example of Labour Evening Schools, postwar-post-1997″ (2009-2010) (FRG I)

Selected Publications (since 2009-)

Refereed Authored Book

  • Lau, C. S., Chiu, S. W. K & Liu, T. L. (First Author) (under contract). From Anti-Colonialism to Economic Globalisation: Patriotic Schools in Hong Kong.  (on-going) (Routledge Series: Schools and Schooling in Asia) (Series Editor: Prof Kerry John Kennedy) 
Refereed Journal Article/Edited Book Chapter/Other


  1. Tse, T. K. C. & Lau, T. C. S. (2018) The Statecraft of Promoting Community-wide Civic Education: A Case Study of CPCE in Hong Kong
  2. 劉翠珊、趙永佳、鄭潔晴 (2018)  香港中華民國學校歷史, 1931-1997:檔案回顧及資料搜集 https://repository.hkbu.edu.hk/hkbu_staff_publication/6800/
  3. Tonia Kit Ching CHENG, Tracy Chui Shan LAU, Stephen Wing Kai CHIU (2018) National Education in Pro-ROC Schools Teaching Package https://repository.hkbu.edu.hk/hkbu_staff_publication/6801/ 
  4. Lau, T. C. S. (2018) Hegemony and the politics of education in Hong Kong: from the post-war era to the post-handover era, Journal of Educational Administration and History, DOI: 10.1080/00220620.2018.1448764
  5. Lau, T. C. S. & Cheng, T. K. C (translated by Yamazaki & Ishizuka) (2018) “Data collection methods and reflection in comparative case studies: Hong Kong” book chapter季刊刑事弁護や刑事法をはじめとする法律や社会問題に関する書籍を出版 (in Japanese)
  6. Lau, T. C. S., Tse, T. K. C & Leung, Y. W. (2016). “Dynamics of Chinese Nationalistic Education in Hong Kong from 1945 to 2012″, Oxford Review of Education (University of Oxford) 42 (6)   ). First author: 70% contribution
  7. Lau, T. C. S. (2015)  “YMCA, YWCA”  In  Encyclopedia of World Poverty  (ed. M. Odekon, 2nd edition).  Thousand Oaks CA: SAGE Publications, pp. 1742-1745. http://dx.doi.org/10.4135/9781483345727.n889  
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