Dr. KU, Kelly Y. L.

  BA (Psychology)  Clark University

  PhD (Psychology) University of Hong Kong


  Research Interests

  Informal Reasoning;Critical Thinking;Epistemology;Metacognition


Teaching Experience 

Creative and Critical Thinking; Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Educational Psychology, Positive Psychology; Psychology of Gender; Psychology of Problem Solving; Psychology of Personal Growth; Psychology of Everyday Lives; Research Methods 



Refereed Journal Articles

Ku, K. Y. L.(in preparation). The roles of epistemological beliefs and perceived epistemic values in critical thinking performance. 


Ku, K. Y. L., Lai, C. M., & Hau, K. T. (2014). Epistemological beliefs and the effect of authority on argument-counterargument integration: An experiment.Thinking Skills and Creativity, 13, 67-79.


Ku, K. Y. L., Ho, I. T., Hau, K. T., & Lai, C. M. (2014). Integrating direct and inquiry-based instruction in the teaching of critical thinking: An Intervention Study. Instructional Science, 42(2), 251-269.


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Ku, K. Y. L. (2009). Assessing students’ critical thinking performance: Urging for measurements using multi-response format. Thinking Skills and Creativity, 4, 70-76. (published as keynote; cited over 70 times)


Books and Book Chapters

Ku, K. Y. L., Phillipson, S., & Phillipson, S. N., (forthcoming, 2015). Education learning theory. In J. D. Wright. (Ed.) International encyclopedia of social and behavioral sciences (2nd edition). Oxford, UK: Elsevier.


Deng, L., Connelly, J., Lau, M., & Ku, K. Y. L. (forthcoming, 2015). Exploring Hong Kong Youth’s engagement with digital technologies outside school. In W. W. K. Ma, A. H. K. Yuen, J. Park, W. W. F. Lau, & L. Deng (Eds.), New media, knowledge practices and multiliteracies. Hong Kong: Springer.


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Phillipson, S., Ku, K. Y. L., & Phillipson, S. N., (2013). Constructing achievement: A sociocultural perspective. Oxford, UK: Routledge. 



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