Dr. KU, Kelly Y. L.

  BA (Psychology)  Clark University

  PhD (Psychology) University of Hong Kong


  Research Interests

  Critical Thinking; Epistemology; Informal Reasoning; Metacognition



Research Grants

2014 - 2015   Faculty Research Grant;$100,000 (as PI)

2013 - 2014   Teaching Development Grant;$190,000 (as CI, with L. Deng as PI)

2011 - 2012   Faculty Research Grant;$100,000 (as PI)

2010 - 2013   GRF, Research Grants Council;$659,120 (as CI; with K. T. Hau as PI)




Refereed Journal Articles

Ku, K. Y. L.(in preparation). The roles of epistemological beliefs and perceived epistemic values in critical thinking performance. 


Ku, K. Y. L., Lai, C. M., & Hau, K. T. (2014). Epistemological beliefs and the effect of authority on argument-counterargument integration: An experiment.Thinking Skills and Creativity, 13, 67-79.


Ku, K. Y. L., Ho, I. T., Hau, K. T., & Lai, C. M. (2014). Integrating direct and inquiry-based instruction in the teaching of critical thinking: An Intervention Study. Instructional Science, 42(2), 251-269.


Chan, N. M., Ho, I. T., & Ku, K. Y. L. (2011). Epistemic beliefs and critical thinking of Chinese students. Learning and Individual Differences, 21, 67-77. 


Ku, K. Y. L., & Ho, I. T. (2010). Metacognitive strategies that enhance critical thinking. Metacognition and Learning, 5 (3), 251-267.


Ku, K. Y. L., & Ho, I. T. (2010). Dispositional factors predicting Chinese students' critical thinking performance. Personality and Individual Differences, 48, 54-58. 


Ku, K. Y. L., Ho, I. T., & Hau, K. T. (2010). Enhancing Chinese students’ critical thinking: A comparison of methods. Education Journal, 38, 61-70.


Ku, K. Y. L. (2009). Assessing students’ critical thinking performance: Urging for measurements using multi-response format. Thinking Skills and Creativity, 4, 70-76. (keynote article; ranks the second most-cited article of the journal since 2009)


Books and Book Chapters

Ku, K. Y. L., Phillipson, S., & Phillipson, S. N., (forthcoming, 2015). Education learning theory. In J. D. Wright. (Ed.) International encyclopedia of social and behavioral sciences (2nd edition). Oxford, UK: Elsevier.


Ku, K. Y. L. (2013). Role of verbal reasoning in critical thinking. In Phillipson, S., Ku, K. Y. L., & Phillipson, S. N., (Ed.) Constructing achievement: A sociocultural perspective. Oxford, UK: Routledge. 


Phillipson, S., Ku, K. Y. L., & Phillipson, S. N., (2013). Constructing achievement: A sociocultural perspective. Oxford, UK: Routledge. 




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