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Research Groups

Cross Disciplinary Research in STEM Education Group (Led by Prof. Allen Leung)

Data Analytics & AI in Education Research Group (Led by Prof. Sandy Li)

Educational Equity (Led by Dr. Chee Wai Chi)

Innovation in ICT in Education group (Led by Dr. Jacky Pow)

Leisure, Youth Development and Well-being (Led by Prof. Atara Sivan)

Social and Emotional Learning Group (Led by Dr. Ann Lui)

(Updated as of December 2018)




Group title: Cross Disciplinary Research in STEM Education Group
Group leader: Prof. Allen Leung

Members and affiliations
Prof. Sandy Li (EDUC, HKBU)
Collaborative members
Dr. Arthur Lee (Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong)
Dr. Chan Yip Cheung (Department of Curriculum & Instruction, Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Dr. Eva Lam (STEAM Coordinator, True Light Middle School of Hong Kong)

Research focus
The main research focus of the group is on innovative cross disciplinary pedagogy and development of problem-solving skills in STEM education. 

Research projects
A GRF 2019-2020 project proposal is submitted with title "Problem Solving as a Boundary Crossing Pedagogy for STEM Education"



Group title: Data Analytics & AI in Education Research Group
Group leader: Prof. Sandy Li

Members and affiliations
Prof. Sandy Li (EDUC, HKBU)
Prof. Allen Leung (EDUC, HKBU)
Dr. Jacky Pow (EDUC, HKBU)
Dr. Lisa Deng (EDUC, HKBU)
Prof. Andrew Lui (Associate Dean, School of Science and Technology, OUHK)
Dr. Lee Yeung (CITE, Assistant Director, Faculty of Education, HKU)

Research focus
Applications of data analytics in predicting and assessing student’s learning effectiveness & behaviours, applications of AI in problem solving, social cognition & adaptive learning, smart content & mixed reality in education



Group title: Educational Equity
Group leader: Dr. Chee Wai Chi

Members and affiliations
Miss Kwok Pui Ki Patricia (PhD candidate, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, UK)

Research focus
Inclusive and equitable quality education for ethnic minority students

Research project
Educational opportunities of South Asian students in Hong Kong




Group title: Innovation in ICT in Education group
Group leader: Dr. Jacky Pow

Members and affiliations
Dr. Lisa Deng (EDUC, HKBU)
Dr. Jackie Chan (EDUC, HKBU)
Miss Iris Zhou (EDUC, HKBU)
Miss Marianna Fung (EDUC, HKBU)
Prof. Morris Jong (Faculty of Education, CUHK)
Dr. Vincent Hung (Centre for Learning, Teaching and Technology, EdUHK)

Research focus
Rethinking teaching and learning in the digital age, Solutions to digital divide, Virtual learning community, VR/AR and multimodal learning, e-pedagogies and e-assessment.




Group title: Leisure, Youth Development and Well-being
Group leaderProf. Atara Sivan

Members & affiliations
Prof. Vicky Tam (EDUC, HKBU)
Dr. Gertrude Siu (EDUC, HKBU)
Prof. Robert A Stebbins (Department of Sociology, University of Calgary)

Research focus
Adolescents' choice and pursuits of leisure activities; leisure as a context for youth development and well-being

Research project
Life beyond study: A phenomenology of adolescents’ self-exploration in leisure context



Group title: Social and Emotional Learning Group
Group leader: Dr. Ann Lui

Members and affiliations
Dr. Yiu-Kei Tsang (EDUC, HKBU)
Dr. Simpson Wong (EDUC, HKBU)
Dr. Kelly Ku (EDUC, HKBU)
Mr. Gilbert Lau (EDUC, HKBU)
Miss Alexis Pang (EDUC, HKBU)
Mr. Steven Cheung (EDUC, HKBU)

Research focus
Studies on social cognition, emotions, communication, interactions of children and adults with and without special needs using behavioral, psychophysiological and neuroscientific research approaches.