The Student Workroom

The Student Workroom (AAB 819) of the Department of Education Studies of Hong Kong Baptist University provides a user-friendly environment for students to prepare for assignments and group projects, and to conduct meetings and other research activities.

The Student Workroom is open to both undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Department. It is equipped with a variety of teaching kits, textbooks, learning packages, past public examination papers, EDB documents and other educational materials to meet the needs of innovative teaching and learning. It also houses more than 200 Master of Education theses and a growing number of Honours Projects completed by double degree students. All materials are available for reference use only within the Student Workroom.

A number of personal computers with access to the campus network are provided for the purpose of searching for teaching materials and other academic information through the Internet. The personal computers are equipped with word processing, spreadsheet, and data analysis programs, as well as video editing software. High speed scanners, which can be used for reproducing teaching materials for academic use, are also available. Use of this function is subject to copyright constraints.

Teaching and Research Lab

The Teaching and Research Lab (AAB 818) is designed to support learning and teaching with ICT and to equip our students with the essential skills to effectively integrate ICT into their classroom practices. The Lab is flexibly designed in such a way to support different modes of learning and teaching activities. Besides being equipped with Smart Boards, the Lab features more than 40 MacBook Pro offering an ideal platform environment (i.e., Mac OS and Windows) to facilitate various teaching, learning, and research activities.

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