Application for PFP 2020-21 and NA 2020-21 (Primary, secondary and special schools) is CLOSED now.

Website to apply (Only online application is available):


Admission Policy

  With effect from 2004/05, education professionals aspiring to take up principalship in Hong Kong schools will have to attain the "Certification for Principalship" (CFP) requirements as set by the Education Bureau (EDB) before they are considered for appointment. The CFP comprises three components:
  1. Successful completion of a Needs Analysis (NA);
  2. Passing a "Preparation For Principalship" (PFP) Course; and
  3. Fulfilling requirements for the professional development portfolio (personal submission to EDB after fulfilling (1) & (2))
  Authorised by the Education Bureau (EDB) of the Hong Kong SAR, the Department of Education Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University is now offering this Programme for NA and PFP Course. While the Programme is tailored for aspiring principals to satisfy the Certification for Principalship (CFP) requirements of components (1) and (2) listed above, it also aims to prepare them with professional competencies in building up the professional development portfolio.

Teachers should note that NA and PFP Course may be applied for independently. It is not required to apply for both NA and PFP Course simultaneously at the same institution. For further professional enhancement, our Department provides the following value-added services:
1. Full PFP course graduate will be exempted from taking 2 designated core courses in our Master of Education Programme;
2. Post-course DISC analysis will be provided to each participant taking both our NA and PFP course in the same year.

Admission Policy

  The NA and the PFP Course are independent and open for application separately. Serving teachers and educational practitioners possessing a recognised teacher training qualification (i.e. a local Teacher's Certificate, a local Post- graduate Diploma/Certificate in Education, a local Bachelor of Education degree or equivalent) and having five or more years of teaching experience in primary, secondary or special schools or equivalent are eligible for admission to the Programme. Priorities will be given to vice-principals and senior teachers based on the following order:
  1. Serving vice-principals / deputy heads in government and aided schools or equivalent;
  2. Applicants who have successfully completed or enrolled in the other part of the programme (i.e. NA applicants who have completed PFP course; PFP course applicants who have completed NA);
  3. Serving senior teachers
  4. Other eligible applicants.
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