This Master of Social Sciences in Teaching and Learning programme emphasises the importance of evidence-based research as a foundation for excellent educational practice, and for the development of learners’ capacity for critical inquiry and professional reflection.

  1. develop learners’ leadership in curriculum planning and implementation;
  2. advance learners’ professional knowledge in emerging pedagogies for their own subject specialties through action learning; and
  3. develop learners into reflective practitioners and effective facilitators of learning.

Upon completion of the programme, graduates are able to:


To cater for the changing needs for advancing teachers’ professional knowledge in emerging curriculum and pedagogical innovation, the programme comprises a variety of specialisms. Upon entry into the programme, each student must select one specific specialism and takes all core courses in that specialism together with the common core courses and elective courses. To address learners’ diverse needs, the elective courses can be chosen from those stipulated in this Programme and the MEd programme.
In order to graduate, students must successfully complete a programme of study adding up to 27 units. This should comprise three common core courses, two required specialism courses, two elective courses and a Reflective Practice and Independent Action Learning Project focused on a particular specialism.

Common core courses 9 units
Specialism core courses 6 units
Elective courses 6 units
Required courses: Reflective Practice and Independent Action Learning Project 6 units
Total 27 units


Specialisms to be offered:

  • Chinese Language Education Specialism
  • English Language Education Specialism
  • Mathematics Education (Junior) Specialism
  • Liberal Studies Education Specialism
  • Inclusive Education Specialism



Students are normally required to attend classes on weekday evenings. A student may take no more than three and no less than two courses in a semester. Normally, students should complete the Programme in two calendar years. With special permission, a student may extend his or her study but in no cases would the period of study be allowed to exceed three calendar years. The main medium of instruction is English, but Chinese or a bilingual approach may be adopted for courses where local Chinese context is critical.


To be awarded the M.Soc.Sc. in Teaching and Learning degree, students must:

  1. complete a total of 27 units as required by the Department;
  2. obtain C- or above in all courses;
  3. satisfy the requirements of the Reflective Practice and Action Learning Project; and
  4. achieve a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.5 or above.

Students with outstanding performance in the Programme may be awarded the distinction or merit. The criteria of award are stipulated in the University Calendar/Bulletin 2010-2011.